Cyber SOC as a Service

The more rapid the technology advances, it becomes very critical for enterprises of any size to protect sensitive data they use for running their core business. However, with more sophisticated tools and techniques used by the cyber attackers,protection against these attacks have become increasingly complex and challenging.

The chances of experiencing a security breach have risen substantially in the last few years. A recent study of businesses in the U.S. found one in four organizations will have their data attacked with in a year’s time.

The odds of a breach may be high, but so is the cost. Without the right security measures in place, businesses could start accumulating these costs unawares, as the study further states breaches take an average of 206 days to detect. These alarming insights have made the enterprises to explore various ways to enhance the protection against potential cyber attacks. 

Many enterprises are looking towards cyber soc as a solution:

Cyber SoC is a facility where enterprise information systems (web sites, applications, databases, data centers and servers, networks, desktops and other endpoints) are monitored, assessed, and defended. However, managing an in-house Cyber SoC for some enterprises will be exhaustive in terms of getting people with the right skills, tools and of course the recurring cost. That is where we, DriveIT Technologies, come in to offload the Cyber SoC service from the enterprises.\

Our objective

Our cyber soc is related to the people, processes and technologies that provide situational awareness through the detection, containment, and remediation of cyber threats. We will handle, on behalf of an enterprise, any threatening cyber security incident, and will ensure that it is properly identified, analyzed, communicated, investigated and reported. We will also monitor applications to identify a possible cyber attack or intrusion, and determine if it is a genuine malicious threat, and if it could affect core business of the enterprise.