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What our C.E.O HAS TO SAy?
Cybersecurity is the need of this digital world. Every company is operating in the digital space and this is going to become the next big thing.
Dwarkanath Sundar
Founder & C.E.O
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Cybersecurity Training

Cybersecurity: A vital element of every IT job Information security is a major concern of every organization around the world.
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Cyber SOC as a
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Cyber Threat Intelligence

Why DriveIT?


Invest appropriate time to fact-finding and planning. Dare to risk, act decisively with full-throttle effort into execution and tenaciously move forward and achieve objectives, despite constraints and obstacles.


Look to technology as first-line option/solution for enhancing
operational excellence, increasing productivity, improving efficiency, eliminating bottlenecks, reducing errors and solving problems.


Create plans that fit the scope; define and clearly articulate project goals and milestones; assist to resolve technical and business issues using problem-solving skills that are second to none. Combine technical proficiency with unique ability to leverage individual strengths of team

Our Clients


Trusted by thousands of students & clients

“I highly recommend CompTIA Security+ certification for people pursuing their career in cyber security. You get 1 year of free lab access. The overall training from DriveIT was very good, and our trainer Bhargav Kumar Sir used to clear all our queries during sessions. I specially had a very friendly bond with him. So don’t have a second thought and go for it”.
Really good insight and information. The training was informative, fun and relaxing. I really enjoyed the course from DriveIT, found the information useful and it will help me in my new job role”.
“ The training was wonderful and very helpful. DriveIT Techlab was easy to handle and to configure. DriveIT’s trainers are excellent”.

Very good training provided! The topics included in the Techlab were very relevant to the environment I will be working on. DriveIT’s Techlab is awesome“.