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Why Nirāpadh?

DriveIT’s vision is to make the cyber space safer for all the stakeholders. Nirāpadh is an innovation and a boon to every Startup as a part of this effort. It was curated with the constant strive to ensure that no small or medium business crashes or closes down as a result of cyber-attack. The dreams and challenges of a Startup are well understood by us. However, our study also revealed the fact that Startups focus on their core business and are often reactive in the cyber space. The ignorance to prioritize and build a robust cyber-safe workplace from inception paves the way to sudden attacks at the most unprepared times!

With the pandemic changing the work environment, we witnessed the boom of Startups with a lot of hope and happiness, but the world helplessly watched many such businesses collapse with a single incident of cyber breach, hacking, phishing, and many other cyber-attacks. Organisations did not prioritize cybersecurity. We, at DriveIT, promised ourselves to leverage our expertise and knowledge to fight this mighty challenge. Hence Nirāpadh; with a sense of commitment and responsibility to give back to every entrepreneur.

Nirāpadh: How does it work?

Nirāpadh is an end-to-end cybersecurity journey. Every iota of information is considered to
optimize the cyber space and secure it.It works as per the cybersecurity framework

 NIST(National Institute of Standards and Technology)

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