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A solution to strengthen and safeguard the cyber landscape of every Startup and enable them to accelerate their business performance.

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Why Cybersecurity ?

Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting critical systems and information from cyber threats. It is used by individuals and enterprises to protect against unauthorized access to data centers and other computerized systems. A strong cybersecurity strategy provides a good security posture against malicious attacks designed to access, alter, delete, destroy or extort an organization’s or user’s systems and sensitive data. It is also helpful in preventing attacks that aim to disable or disrupt a system’s or device’s operations.

Why Nirāpadh?

DriveIT’s vision is to make the cyberspace safer for all the stakeholders. Nirāpadh is an innovation and a boon to every Startup as a part of this effort.

Nirāpadh is an end-to-end cybersecurity journey

We, at DriveIT, promised ourselves to leverage our expertise and knowledge to fight this mighty challenge.


₹ 4999/ one time

Valid for one month activating

Cyber Security Readiness Assessment

1.This is a comprehensive assessment as per NIST’s Cyber Security Framework.

Assessment remediation plan .

Cyber Security awareness training


₹ 8,999/month (paid monthly)

₹ 7,599/month (paid annually)

₹ 7,599/month (paid annually)

As per the assessment remediation plan or as and when the need arise

Cyber Security management

1.Security monitoring and support

2. Incident management

3. 40 hrs (Mon-Fri) of support per month

Cyber Security awareness training

 1. One training every quarter

2. Every training will have a mandatory assessment at the end.

Cyber Risk assessment

1. One assessment every six months

2. Remediation assistance


₹ 10,999/month (paid monthly)

₹9,499/month (paid annually)

Governance & compliance implementation

1. Identify the compliance requirements

2. Build and manage the governance practice.

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

Threat Intelligence

₹ 4999/ one time*

(Valid for one month from activation)

  • Cybersecurity Readiness Assessment
    This is a comprehensive assessment as per NIST’s Cybersecurity Framework.
  • Assessment remediation plan . 
    A detailed plan to kick-start the cybersecurity journey.
  • Cybersecurity awareness training.
    This is a mandatory training for all. The training will have an assessment at the end to track the effectiveness. 

₹ 8,999/month*

(paid monthly)

₹ 7,599/month*

(paid annually)

  • Cybersecurity controls design and implementation.
    As per the assessment remediation plan or as and when the need arise.
  • Cybersecurity management
    1. Security monitoring  and support. 
    2. Incident management
    3. 40 hrs of support per month (09:00 am to 06:00 pm, Mon-Fri).

  • Cybersecurity awareness training 
    1. One training every              quarter
    2. Every training will have a mandatory assessment at the end.

  • Cyber Risk assessment.
    1. One assessment every six month.
    2. Remediation assistance. 

₹ 10,999/month*

(paid monthly)


(paid annually)


  • Governance & compliance implementations
    1. Identify the compliance   requirements.
    2. Build and manage the governance practice.
  • Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing.
    1. Manual and automated testing
    2. Every quarter or half yearly
    3. Remediation assistance.

  • Threat Intelligence
    Build and manage the threat intelligence practice. 


Let us help you grow your business in a secured cyber space.

What Our Customers Are Saying?


    DriveIT was very good, and our trainer Bhargav Kumar Sir used to clear all our queries during sessions. I specially had a very friendly bond with him. So don’t have a second thought and go for it”.


      “Really good insight and information. The training was informative, fun and relaxing. I really enjoyed the course from DriveIT, found the information useful and it will help me in my new job role”.


        “ The training was wonderful and very helpful. DriveIT Techlab was easy to handle and to configure. DriveIT’s trainers are excellent”


          “Very good training provided! The topics included in the Techlab were very relevant to the environment I will be working on. DriveIT’s Techlab is awesome“.

          Frequently Asked Questions

          Nirāpadh is for early-stage Startups. Even a solopreneur can subscribe to Nirāpadh.

          This is a comprehensive assessment as per NIST’s CyberSecurity Framework. A readiness score will be provided as a result, which will help in enabling the relevant security controls

          We will assist with any security incident that poses a potential threat to the business operation. The security incident can be proactively identified or reported by the client.

          It will depend on the industry regulation requirement the Startup is a part of. If necessary, we will assist in setting it up.

          Yes, all the employees including team leaders, developers, testers, managers CEO, CTO, CFO must attend the cyber security awareness training

          Yes, the price does not include the cost of any commercial tools used. Any third-party components / software will be charged additionally.

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