Training as a service

Cybersecurity: A vital element of every IT job Information security is a major concern of every organization around the world. With the continually rising threat of cyber attacks, organizations of all sizes seek ways to ensure the security of their systems.

 Having knowledgeable and skilled IT staff is a vital element to building and maintaining secure systems. Every IT professional, regardless of their job role, needs to be at the top of their game when it comes to cybersecurity.

Employment of Information Security professionals is projected to grow 28% from 2016 – 2026, much faster than the average for all occupations. In 2015, large U.S. organizations had an average total cyber-security cost of $15 million. Average time to contain a cyber attack is 46 days Companies that invest in adequate resources and employ certified staff save $1.5 million annually in cyber crime costs.

Why CompTIA?

We have partnered with CompTIA, world’s largest vendor neutral IT skill credentialing body to provide authorized CompTIA training and certification programs to our clients. CompTIA is recognized universally for producing industry-leading certifications that provide a solid foundation for higher-level and vendor-specific certifications. Worldwide, nearly 2.5 million professionals have earned a CompTIA certification.

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